• "Jinx" Gunn

    "Jinx" Gunn

    Gunwoman and first mate on the Bad Penny.
  • 41-VEX


    Medical droid crudely reprogrammed by Hutt technicians.
  • Anvil Bendix

    Anvil Bendix

    Captain of the Bad Penny and cousin to Dorn Varga.
  • Aolo Narek

    Aolo Narek

    Fringe trader Baron.
  • Ba'al Ba'an

    Ba'al Ba'an

    Belvahl freedom fighter, member of the Desert Runners.
  • Bilk the Scavenger

    Bilk the Scavenger

    Sullustan parts dealer on Grotto.
  • Brynn Sanders

    Brynn Sanders

    Former overseer of Mos Shuuta spaceport.
  • Corr Tallon

    Corr Tallon

    A former Republican noble and leader in the local Alliance.
  • Finn Korley

    Finn Korley

    An underworld ship engineer.
  • Kayna Varga

    Kayna Varga

    Eldest of the Varga siblings, no-nonsense trader who always has an angle to play.
  • Keziah Illander

    Keziah Illander

    Exiled Duchess of Axia.
  • Lei Soloman

    Lei Soloman

    Quick-witted and friendly, just your average likable ISB agent.
  • Losa Karrim

    Losa Karrim

    Weequay arms dealer on Grotto.
  • Lya Adadei

    Lya Adadei

    Pyxis Police Corporation undercover agent.
  • Mariah


    Cunning second in command of the Mantis Combine.
  • Ota the Vintner

    Ota the Vintner

    A bothan Vintner from Zhisou
  • Pasha Vindoo

    Pasha Vindoo

    Twi'lek wanderer, gunner and medic. Thrill-seeking party girl.
  • R5-R9


    Much abused astromech formerly belonging to the Junk Shop of Mos Shuuta.
  • Teemo the Hutt

    Teemo the Hutt

    Representative of the Hutt Cartels in Kalnaanin. Crime lord... er... entrepreneur.
  • Voloros


    Syndic of the Pyxis Merchant Council
  • Zheen Otteto (Syndic Otteto)

    Zheen Otteto (Syndic Otteto)

    A Syndic of Pyxis, a connoisseur of fine things and... a criminal.