Travels of the Rim Runner

S1E7 Turn, turn, turn

The crew returns to Belvahl and meet old friends!

The Rim Runner and Bad Penny make planetfall on Belvahl and using a smuggler’s approach, arrive at the coordinates of the Desert Runner fighter’s camp.

There they meet with Ba’al Ba’an and deliver Losa’s cargo, trading some spare guns for salt. They inquire about the wreckage of Freedom Taker. Ba’al relates that they saw the wreckage come down in the desert somewhere east of the camp and they have been hitting the Hutt’s patrols as they searched for it. As to it’s specific location, they would need to the to talk to Sel’kim’ba (a Runner word meaning “angry little woman”) – a human refugee they picked up who had been providing them with technical support.

They approach her and ask (politely) for her aid. She responds with a left hook to Dorn’s jaw. Sel’kim’ba turns out to be Brynn Sanders, the former starport controller for Mos Shuuta – stunned by Dorn in the crew’s escape from Belvahl. After calming her down, they explain the situation and negotiate with her to provide the location in exchange for transport offworld. Originally she asks to go to Serendip (her homeworld) but Dorn suggests she might be able to find a new position with the Varga Trading clan at Carsphaim. She agrees, blatantly desparate to get off the planet.

The crew offloads Losa’s freight and stows their trade goods. Even with night falling, they decide to head out anyway – anxious to plumb what secrets the Kubaz ship might hold. Miraculously, even in the massive dunes of the Belvahl wastes, they manage to locate the wreckage – and a colony of sandborers, vicious insectile predators. As the borers seemed to be “asleep” they searched the wreckage. Evidence pointed to their visit having been preceded by Jawas – the markings of the Utuk clan and scavenger marks were everywhere. Entering the hull they discover more sandborers and the datacore of the ship missing.

Bishop scavenged some spares before the sun rose (with the assumption that the insects hiberated though the frigid desert nights). Following up with Desert Runners, they track the Utuk clan to Tau Station, a desert edge outpost. Once there they discover that the Utuk have sold the part to the junk merchant Vorn (from Mos Shuuta, also stunned by Dorn and his droid (R5) stolen by the crew). Rannik covers up with his helmet and Bishop goes to do the bargaining taking Pasha. Dorn remains with the Runner. After some missteps, they manage to trade a download of the data from the core (for 200 credits).

At the landing strip, a Fury-class Imperial gunship arrives.Two men, surmised to be ISB agents, disembark and approach Dorn. They relate a reward for Rannik Creel, wanted by the Imperial Moff Kidren – 5000 credits. Dorn manages to feign disappointment that he can’t help them (whoot deceit dice) and concocts a story about his mechanic trading for parts in the market, secretly opening his comlink to relate the conversation to Bishop and Rannik in the market. Realizing the download of the data will take too long, Rannik draws Pasha’s pistol, stuns Vorn and they steal the core.

Avoiding the ISB agents, they return to the ship and depart swiftly. Pulling out the stops to assure they are not being followed, the escape the atmosphere and make for hyperspace. Before they do so, they note a large capital ship a the edge of their sensor range. Curiousity be damned, they jump.

Aboard, Bishop downloads the data from the Core. It included the Kubaz starcharts (hopelessly outdated) and a location of the slavers compound (in the Stowe system). Using the data, they alter course for Carsphaim.

GM Notes
Experience: 3 (Landing scene), 5 (wreckage scene), 3 (trading scene), 2 (RP) = 13
(Dorn +2 for the hair loss and comlink idea.)
Notes: Sandborers are active in the heat of day. So, when I set a near impossible search number to find the wreckage during the night, well….
Obligation roll: Rannik – bounty.



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