Travels of the Rim Runner

The enemy of my enemy and all that.

A subtle approach works wonders.

After investigating, the crew discovers a makeshift dry-dock within a deserted factory. Scouting they discover a significant force of thugs and pirates protecting it. Dashing in, they decide to make their way to the communication array to disable their ability to call for help.
After bushwacking guards, they manage an aerobatic insertion and arrive at the comm array. There they observe the age-old principle of the “the enemy of my enemy is the enemy of my enemy” and instead use the comm array to send a false message to Teemo the Hutt on Belvahl (banking on the Hutts notorious hatred of all things Black Sun) from a “spy” looking to sell information. They “accidentally” fail to cover their tracks.
Arriving back at the ship, they discover that they have had visitors – people looking for their ship. A quick scan from Bishop determines the presence of a tracking device (with an explosive backup) and he manages to disable it. With the attendant heat of a Hutt’s forces arriving, they decide to move ports and lay low, finishing the installation of an updated weapons tracking system. After a sojourn of three days, they return to the Grotto metroplex.
Investigating the site of the dry-dock, they realize a violent encounter had recently occurred. In some places the smoke had yet to clear. Evidence of the identity of aggressors was obscured but they surmised the Hutt had sent emissaries and the encounter had ended in blaster fire. Poking around for their own salvage they found little.
After visiting Bilk and securing their own side deal with him, they returned to Bahnir and the Korley’s shadowport. They arrive to find bounty hunter ships in orbit and after a subtle conversation with the station realize a Trandoshan hunter is aboard the station. They hide and return after Korley signals an all clear. Korley is miffed by the presence of the hunters on his station – he doesn’t like heat being brought to his doorstep. Dorn acknowledges he owes Korley a favor for the intrusion.



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