Travels of the Rim Runner

S1E7 Turn, turn, turn
The crew returns to Belvahl and meet old friends!

The Rim Runner and Bad Penny make planetfall on Belvahl and using a smuggler’s approach, arrive at the coordinates of the Desert Runner fighter’s camp.

There they meet with Ba’al Ba’an and deliver Losa’s cargo, trading some spare guns for salt. They inquire about the wreckage of Freedom Taker. Ba’al relates that they saw the wreckage come down in the desert somewhere east of the camp and they have been hitting the Hutt’s patrols as they searched for it. As to it’s specific location, they would need to the to talk to Sel’kim’ba (a Runner word meaning “angry little woman”) – a human refugee they picked up who had been providing them with technical support.

They approach her and ask (politely) for her aid. She responds with a left hook to Dorn’s jaw. Sel’kim’ba turns out to be Brynn Sanders, the former starport controller for Mos Shuuta – stunned by Dorn in the crew’s escape from Belvahl. After calming her down, they explain the situation and negotiate with her to provide the location in exchange for transport offworld. Originally she asks to go to Serendip (her homeworld) but Dorn suggests she might be able to find a new position with the Varga Trading clan at Carsphaim. She agrees, blatantly desparate to get off the planet.

The crew offloads Losa’s freight and stows their trade goods. Even with night falling, they decide to head out anyway – anxious to plumb what secrets the Kubaz ship might hold. Miraculously, even in the massive dunes of the Belvahl wastes, they manage to locate the wreckage – and a colony of sandborers, vicious insectile predators. As the borers seemed to be “asleep” they searched the wreckage. Evidence pointed to their visit having been preceded by Jawas – the markings of the Utuk clan and scavenger marks were everywhere. Entering the hull they discover more sandborers and the datacore of the ship missing.

Bishop scavenged some spares before the sun rose (with the assumption that the insects hiberated though the frigid desert nights). Following up with Desert Runners, they track the Utuk clan to Tau Station, a desert edge outpost. Once there they discover that the Utuk have sold the part to the junk merchant Vorn (from Mos Shuuta, also stunned by Dorn and his droid (R5) stolen by the crew). Rannik covers up with his helmet and Bishop goes to do the bargaining taking Pasha. Dorn remains with the Runner. After some missteps, they manage to trade a download of the data from the core (for 200 credits).

At the landing strip, a Fury-class Imperial gunship arrives.Two men, surmised to be ISB agents, disembark and approach Dorn. They relate a reward for Rannik Creel, wanted by the Imperial Moff Kidren – 5000 credits. Dorn manages to feign disappointment that he can’t help them (whoot deceit dice) and concocts a story about his mechanic trading for parts in the market, secretly opening his comlink to relate the conversation to Bishop and Rannik in the market. Realizing the download of the data will take too long, Rannik draws Pasha’s pistol, stuns Vorn and they steal the core.

Avoiding the ISB agents, they return to the ship and depart swiftly. Pulling out the stops to assure they are not being followed, the escape the atmosphere and make for hyperspace. Before they do so, they note a large capital ship a the edge of their sensor range. Curiousity be damned, they jump.

Aboard, Bishop downloads the data from the Core. It included the Kubaz starcharts (hopelessly outdated) and a location of the slavers compound (in the Stowe system). Using the data, they alter course for Carsphaim.

GM Notes
Experience: 3 (Landing scene), 5 (wreckage scene), 3 (trading scene), 2 (RP) = 13
(Dorn +2 for the hair loss and comlink idea.)
Notes: Sandborers are active in the heat of day. So, when I set a near impossible search number to find the wreckage during the night, well….
Obligation roll: Rannik – bounty.

S1E6 Downtime at Pyxis
A plan comes together... well things go well at least.

The crew makes for Pyxis, the oxygen scrubbers working overtime to keep up to the 53 passengers.
The crew chats with Keziah, former Duchess of Axia, reportedly killed in a yacht accident three months ago. She believes it was arranged by her brother Vaelus, who is very pro-Empire. She feared returning to her own planet, but said she had connections on Pyxis who might be able to help her.
Arriving at the well-guarded Pyxis Prime, Keziah makes contact with Syndic Voloros, a member of the ruling Council. After a brief conversation, he invites her to set down at his private estate on a small island. The crew is somewhat suspicious but these fears are allayed with the arrival of the Syndic, who appears genuinely happy to see the Duchess.
The “passengers” are offloaded. Bishop repairs the ship systems over the next four days.
The crew enjoys the facilities of Voloros’ estate and manages to offload their Fevvelian artifacts to xxx, Archaelogist Extrodinaire. They get a particularly good price as the scholar turns out to be a scam-artist who has replaced the real scholar when he died enroute – and a promise to broker more if the crew could find them.
When it comes time to discuss payment, Voloros offers a generous reward – until he hears Dorn’s name. When he does so, he lets Dorn know that his cousin Anvil Bendix is currently imprisoned on charges of smuggling and his ship, the Bad Penny impounded. Apparently he was caught when running goods to Voloros himself and now had pending fines and legal fees amounting to a handsome 2500 credits. Dorn agreed to waive the crew’s reward in exchange for help freeing his cousin.
After a heartfelt thanks (and a promise of future reward) from the Duchess Keziah, the crew made its way to the shadowport on the moon of Towers (in the outer fringes of the Pyxis system). There they made contact with both Anvil (who had sent a message to Dorn advising him so) and Mira (Bishop’s smuggler contact). The reunion with the crew of the Bad Penny was a warm one, but the search for Mira was fruitless – and turned up evidence that a new smuggling “captain” had arisen in the Towers shadowport Bodan xxx. The crew discovered that any “business” passing through the shadowport will need to cut in the greedy Aqualush.
Arranging for the Bad Penny to ride shotgun, the Rim Runner jumps to Belvahl, and prepares to make the run for the surface….

S1E5 - A Bigger Pot
Selling arms to Teemo's enemies doesn't quite twist his nose enough.

Departing Finn’s Station, the RimRunner makes for Grotto hoping to pick up work.

There they contact Losa looking for Ba’al Ba’an, (the desert runner they found locked in the cargo hold of the Runner when they recovered it from agents of Teemo the Hutt) hoping to secure the promised trade he had offered: materials for the fight against the Hutt and his agents in exchange for rare Belvahl salt. Losa relates that she has already smuggled Master Ba’an home and has started a relationship with the would-be freedom fighter.

She offers to ship the next delivery with the Runner – an exception to her business practices. Dorn agrees and the cargo is quickly loaded.
Dropping into the Belvahl system, it seems quiet – a few small craft coming/going but nothing out of the ordinary.

Until the crew spots the Freedom Taker: a Kubaz slaving ship. A quick tally of the crew and a “plan” is hatched to intervene. Dorn attempts to follow the ship surreptitiously but in the openness of space – fails. Faced with fight or flight, the Runner attacks. An initial barrage luckily destroys the electronics array on the vessel but the Kubaz vessel puts up a stiff fight.

Eventually, fighters from the surface move to investigate the erratic behavior and the Runner makes to flee – with Dorn cursing his luck. An impassioned demand from both Rannik and Pasha convinces Dorn to turn around – with even more cursing. Approaching with guns hot, they strafe the slaver one more time and then board.

With a boarding party (VEX, Rannik, Bishop) cutting their way in, Dorn contacts the incoming fighters (with their electronics array out, the Freedom Taker can’t argue) and cons them in to believing there is a significant risk of explosion and debris. They take up station, but the Runner is concealed in the detritus being generated by a damaged engine.

Inside, the crew encounters little resistence. They down two crew members attempting to jettison the cargo (slave) container but meet no one else.
Bishop hacks the panel and reverses the jettisoning process and locks out the possibility (most likely dooming the ship – it is unable to correct its descent with the weight of the cargo container still attached). He also foils the attempt by a remote operator to release neurozene gas (which would render all life forms inert). In doing so, he manages to make off with some info from the internal database – the name Kyra Creel (perhaps a relation to Rannik?).

Rannik and VEX get the slaves aboard the now massively over-populated freighter and Dorn drives for open space, easily calculating a course for Pyxis – a relatively progressive, free world. During the calculations, the ship is contacted by none other than Teemo the Hutt, who offers the princely sum of 50,000 credits for the return of the cargo. Dorn sluffs him off and Teemo immediately counters with even more – 60,000 credits! Dorn replies by jumping to hyperspace.

Pasha asks to open a unit of medical supplies to aid the freed slaves. Rannik helps with this while Bishop checks for tracking devices. Both notice the quality of the remnants of the slaves clothing – Nithian silks and pressed linens – the signs of upper class citizens. Dorn becomes suspicious and Rannik attempts to ascertain the origin of the slaves when Pasha recognizes one of them.

“You don’t know her? This is the Duchess Keziah of Axia! She’s famous!”

Quote of the Night: You are now taking advice from a woman who drinks rocket fuel. -Vex to Dorn on the merits of attacking the slave ship.

Other notes: Characters got kind of lucky. The Kubaz are secretive, paranoid and ultimately a little cowardly. They don’t trust non-Kubaz crew and ultimately don’t want to face the possibility of violence personally. Their solution: drones. Controlled by an electronics array…. NIce shot Rannik.

The enemy of my enemy and all that.
A subtle approach works wonders.

After investigating, the crew discovers a makeshift dry-dock within a deserted factory. Scouting they discover a significant force of thugs and pirates protecting it. Dashing in, they decide to make their way to the communication array to disable their ability to call for help.
After bushwacking guards, they manage an aerobatic insertion and arrive at the comm array. There they observe the age-old principle of the “the enemy of my enemy is the enemy of my enemy” and instead use the comm array to send a false message to Teemo the Hutt on Belvahl (banking on the Hutts notorious hatred of all things Black Sun) from a “spy” looking to sell information. They “accidentally” fail to cover their tracks.
Arriving back at the ship, they discover that they have had visitors – people looking for their ship. A quick scan from Bishop determines the presence of a tracking device (with an explosive backup) and he manages to disable it. With the attendant heat of a Hutt’s forces arriving, they decide to move ports and lay low, finishing the installation of an updated weapons tracking system. After a sojourn of three days, they return to the Grotto metroplex.
Investigating the site of the dry-dock, they realize a violent encounter had recently occurred. In some places the smoke had yet to clear. Evidence of the identity of aggressors was obscured but they surmised the Hutt had sent emissaries and the encounter had ended in blaster fire. Poking around for their own salvage they found little.
After visiting Bilk and securing their own side deal with him, they returned to Bahnir and the Korley’s shadowport. They arrive to find bounty hunter ships in orbit and after a subtle conversation with the station realize a Trandoshan hunter is aboard the station. They hide and return after Korley signals an all clear. Korley is miffed by the presence of the hunters on his station – he doesn’t like heat being brought to his doorstep. Dorn acknowledges he owes Korley a favor for the intrusion.

Trials of a would-be Pirate-prince.
The ship needs some upgrades and the crew encounters a Black Sun reject.

The crew visites Bahnir to find the outlaw tech Finn Korley. There they meet Bishop, a technician who had worked on the RimRunner previously.
The negotiations with Korley are difficult – the concussion missile launcher they wish to trade is a military grade device (from Kuat Drive Yards no less!) and thus hard to move (although valuable). Further, Finn has been suffering supply issues: his parts dealer in Grotto (a Sullustan named Bilk) has had difficulties with an up and coming crimelord, Kaiden – an apparent reject from the Black Sun.
Dorn and the crew negotiate to trade the launcher, the missiles and dealing with Kaiden (specifically freeing up the flow of parts) for a new targeting system and two thousand credits. Bishop will come aboard and begin the install immediately.
In the meantime, Pasha discovers a new liquor – which the crew surmises is made of post-processed ship fuel.
Bishop attempts the install of the targeting system – which uncovers some non-standard wiring (ahem).
The crew arrives at Grotto.
There they encounter thugs threatening Bilk – some intimidation frightens them off. Bilk is grateful for the help but worries about his partner Albu, who has been taken by Kaiden’s men. Kaiden has been pressuring Bilk to acquire parts to refit a cruiser – apparently as a pirate vessel.
Investigating, they crew is able to leverage their previous relationship with Losa the gun dealer to find Kaiden, whose lair is an abandoned factory in the lower levels of the northern quarter.
The trio debate what to do next.

Ill-met at Beurn
The galaxy is full of criminals and fanatics!

Imperial Beurn

Arriving at Imperial Beurn, Dorn and Rannik manage to trace a weapon shipment and set watch upon it. They are rewarded shortly when the local security drones and droids begin acting oddly. A programmed cargo drone appears and begins to manipulate their cargo.
Taking a homemade tracking beacon, Rannik enters the compound and places it in the cargo hauler. As the security begins to reset, Dorn steals an airspeeder and the two pursue their quarry. Eventually, after some fancy programmed evasive maneuvers, it arrives at an ancient set of bunkers.
Dorn and Rannik dismount to investigate – the bunkers are held by a group of thugs calling belonging to a shady organization (The Alliance to restore the Republic) led by a noble by the name of Corr Tallon. Corr pontificates about the error of their ways, the guns belonging to criminals and miscreants and the holy cause of the Alliance – Dorn and Rannik are unimpressed. Alas they are still outgunned.
As things are coming to a head, Imperial scouts discover the stolen airspeeder (and thus the hidden cargo station). Corr condemns them as Imperial spies while he and his men escape. Dorn summons Pasha and the RimRunner and pillage the cargo station (counting on the fact that the Imperials would be some time in arriving). Using evasive tactics, they make space and jump for Grotto.
There they meet Losa and report the mission complete. She rewards them with three crates of weapons and future considerations. They contact Shen of the Cortuz smuggler gang and he sends them a thank you: a crate of Correllian Brandy.

The Grotto Shuffle
Now what?

Deep Space

The Rim Runner enters hyperspace, destination: the Grotto system.

The crew cleans up the mess left by Trex the Slaver: raw “seasoned” meat, wookie pelts under a floor plate, Gamorrean opera music on autoplay. They also discover the power cell is depleted (low fuel) and that a homing beacon has been affixed to their ship. This latter cannot be removed in hyperspace. Within the port cargo hold they discover Buro Ba’an, a desert runner within a cage. Freeing him, they discover he was betrayed by one of his clan to Teemo the Hutt while attempting to buy weapons to throw off the yoke of the criminal.

They arrive at the canyon city of Grotto Prime. Docking temporarily at a service bay, Dorn arranges for new fuel and removes the homing beacon. Ranik in the meantime heads out to find provisions and fresh clothing. Pasha and VEX depart the ship saying goodbyes and thank yous. Ranik runs into some local enforcer droids and is forced to run.slum_by_jOuey_small.jpg

The crew moves the ship (after affixing the homing beacon to another Correllian freighter) to a more centrally located docking bay. There Dorn contacts Losa, a local contact in the arms business. He arranges to meet her at the Twilight, a local spacer bar.

At the bar, Dorn witnesses an exchange between Losa and a rotund twi’lek. Dorn attempts to arrange a meet between Buro and Losa, but Losa has a problem. The Kalchek Clan, the twi’lek smugglers who normally handle her gun runs claim the freighter was captured by pirates, and the cargo lost. She doesn’t believe them – and without the shipment she can’t help Buro. She negotiates with Dorn: recover the “pirated” weapons and they can keep 25%. Dorn eagerly agrees.

Meanwhile, while trying to avoid a slumming bounty hunter, Ranik encounters Pasha playing sabbacc. As he watches her, she experiences “incredible luck” but doesn’t seem to be cheating. The assassin notes her fellow players becoming more agitated as her luck become more incredible until finally a nikto dock worker loses his last credit (and his temper) and attacks the twi’lek. Ranik intervenes and knocks the nikto out as a bar brawl ensues. The crew repairs to the alley outside.

There they meet VEX. Pasha returns the starter money Dorn gave her and explains that VEX had manufactured a “probability distorter” which had affected the sabbacc table – thus explaining her incredible luck. Unfortunately, their relative inexperience with confidence games had made the change too obvious. With Ranik wounded (from his earlier encounter with enforcer droids) they invite the twi’lek back to the ship. She readily agrees and once there, performs medical services for Ranik.

Escape from Mos Shuuta
Help from an unexpected source leads to freedom.

Mos Shuuta, Belleval

Dorn and Ranik are unexpected freed from slavery by Pasha.

To make good on their escape they must:

  • elude pursuit
  • free their ship the Rim Runner from docking clamps
  • replace the hypermatter injector on the ship

They sneak through the the small town and arrive at Docking Bay Aurek, where they discover their ship has been seconded by a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Trex. Overhearing an argument between the lizard and the maintenance droids, it become apparent the ship has suffered a systems failure, and needs a new hypermatter injector to fly.

About to action their new information, they are approached by a droid in mufti (41-VEX) who is in league with their emancipator. He delivers a commlink and informs them that Teemo’s thugs are on the way to the docking bay. Unfortunately he’s not far enough ahead of them for the warning to be of any use: a gunfight breaks out.

Finishing off the guards, they steal their uniforms (which they use to good effect) and make for the Junk Shop. There they encounter Vorn, who stoutly refuses to be conned. They are forced to beat him unconcious and make a deal with R5R9 – Vorn’s much abused astromech droid. In exchange for a hypermatter injector, they will adopt the droid into their crew. The droid agrees, promising to meet them at their ship with the part.

Heading off to starport control, Dorn attempts to sweet talk Overseer Brynn and is mostly successful, but the sudden arrival of an Imperial shuttle changes the situation. Dorn stuns the starport controller and they shoot it out with security droids. Ranik disables the docking clamps.

Making their way through a growing sandstorm, Dorn conducts emergency repairs on the Runner as Pasha and Ranik hold off Teemo’s thugs. As the repairs are completed they make for space. Emerging from the sand cloud they spot an Imperial Shuttle with two TIE fighter escorts. The fighters move to investigate as Dorn flees. Attacking, the TIEs inflict some minor damage before one is destroyed and the other breaks off. R5 plots a hyperspace course (random) and the ship makes the jump.


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