Tales of the Rim Runner

It has a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

The Kalnaanin sector on the Rim of the galaxy is one such place. Here worlds which struggled for their independence from the Galactic Republic now try to avoid annexation by power-hungry Imperial Moffs. A crew of “independents” aboard their small transport RimRunner try to stay a step ahead of enemies, Imperial agents and other miscreants, one cargo and dodgy job at a time….

The Group

Ranik Creel – bounty hunter
Dorn Vargas – frontier pilot
Eleren Bishop – outlaw tech

41-VEX – re-programmed medical droid
Pasha Vindoo – twi’lek doctor.
R5R9 – astromech.

Travels of the Rim Runner

Rimrunner Curuno dpmcneil Cameron_B