Travels of the Rim Runner

Escape from Mos Shuuta

Help from an unexpected source leads to freedom.

Mos Shuuta, Belleval

Dorn and Ranik are unexpected freed from slavery by Pasha.

To make good on their escape they must:

  • elude pursuit
  • free their ship the Rim Runner from docking clamps
  • replace the hypermatter injector on the ship

They sneak through the the small town and arrive at Docking Bay Aurek, where they discover their ship has been seconded by a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Trex. Overhearing an argument between the lizard and the maintenance droids, it become apparent the ship has suffered a systems failure, and needs a new hypermatter injector to fly.

About to action their new information, they are approached by a droid in mufti (41-VEX) who is in league with their emancipator. He delivers a commlink and informs them that Teemo’s thugs are on the way to the docking bay. Unfortunately he’s not far enough ahead of them for the warning to be of any use: a gunfight breaks out.

Finishing off the guards, they steal their uniforms (which they use to good effect) and make for the Junk Shop. There they encounter Vorn, who stoutly refuses to be conned. They are forced to beat him unconcious and make a deal with R5R9 – Vorn’s much abused astromech droid. In exchange for a hypermatter injector, they will adopt the droid into their crew. The droid agrees, promising to meet them at their ship with the part.

Heading off to starport control, Dorn attempts to sweet talk Overseer Brynn and is mostly successful, but the sudden arrival of an Imperial shuttle changes the situation. Dorn stuns the starport controller and they shoot it out with security droids. Ranik disables the docking clamps.

Making their way through a growing sandstorm, Dorn conducts emergency repairs on the Runner as Pasha and Ranik hold off Teemo’s thugs. As the repairs are completed they make for space. Emerging from the sand cloud they spot an Imperial Shuttle with two TIE fighter escorts. The fighters move to investigate as Dorn flees. Attacking, the TIEs inflict some minor damage before one is destroyed and the other breaks off. R5 plots a hyperspace course (random) and the ship makes the jump.



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