Travels of the Rim Runner

Trials of a would-be Pirate-prince.

The ship needs some upgrades and the crew encounters a Black Sun reject.

The crew visites Bahnir to find the outlaw tech Finn Korley. There they meet Bishop, a technician who had worked on the RimRunner previously.
The negotiations with Korley are difficult – the concussion missile launcher they wish to trade is a military grade device (from Kuat Drive Yards no less!) and thus hard to move (although valuable). Further, Finn has been suffering supply issues: his parts dealer in Grotto (a Sullustan named Bilk) has had difficulties with an up and coming crimelord, Kaiden – an apparent reject from the Black Sun.
Dorn and the crew negotiate to trade the launcher, the missiles and dealing with Kaiden (specifically freeing up the flow of parts) for a new targeting system and two thousand credits. Bishop will come aboard and begin the install immediately.
In the meantime, Pasha discovers a new liquor – which the crew surmises is made of post-processed ship fuel.
Bishop attempts the install of the targeting system – which uncovers some non-standard wiring (ahem).
The crew arrives at Grotto.
There they encounter thugs threatening Bilk – some intimidation frightens them off. Bilk is grateful for the help but worries about his partner Albu, who has been taken by Kaiden’s men. Kaiden has been pressuring Bilk to acquire parts to refit a cruiser – apparently as a pirate vessel.
Investigating, they crew is able to leverage their previous relationship with Losa the gun dealer to find Kaiden, whose lair is an abandoned factory in the lower levels of the northern quarter.
The trio debate what to do next.



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