Travels of the Rim Runner

The Grotto Shuffle

Now what?

Deep Space

The Rim Runner enters hyperspace, destination: the Grotto system.

The crew cleans up the mess left by Trex the Slaver: raw “seasoned” meat, wookie pelts under a floor plate, Gamorrean opera music on autoplay. They also discover the power cell is depleted (low fuel) and that a homing beacon has been affixed to their ship. This latter cannot be removed in hyperspace. Within the port cargo hold they discover Buro Ba’an, a desert runner within a cage. Freeing him, they discover he was betrayed by one of his clan to Teemo the Hutt while attempting to buy weapons to throw off the yoke of the criminal.

They arrive at the canyon city of Grotto Prime. Docking temporarily at a service bay, Dorn arranges for new fuel and removes the homing beacon. Ranik in the meantime heads out to find provisions and fresh clothing. Pasha and VEX depart the ship saying goodbyes and thank yous. Ranik runs into some local enforcer droids and is forced to run.slum_by_jOuey_small.jpg

The crew moves the ship (after affixing the homing beacon to another Correllian freighter) to a more centrally located docking bay. There Dorn contacts Losa, a local contact in the arms business. He arranges to meet her at the Twilight, a local spacer bar.

At the bar, Dorn witnesses an exchange between Losa and a rotund twi’lek. Dorn attempts to arrange a meet between Buro and Losa, but Losa has a problem. The Kalchek Clan, the twi’lek smugglers who normally handle her gun runs claim the freighter was captured by pirates, and the cargo lost. She doesn’t believe them – and without the shipment she can’t help Buro. She negotiates with Dorn: recover the “pirated” weapons and they can keep 25%. Dorn eagerly agrees.

Meanwhile, while trying to avoid a slumming bounty hunter, Ranik encounters Pasha playing sabbacc. As he watches her, she experiences “incredible luck” but doesn’t seem to be cheating. The assassin notes her fellow players becoming more agitated as her luck become more incredible until finally a nikto dock worker loses his last credit (and his temper) and attacks the twi’lek. Ranik intervenes and knocks the nikto out as a bar brawl ensues. The crew repairs to the alley outside.

There they meet VEX. Pasha returns the starter money Dorn gave her and explains that VEX had manufactured a “probability distorter” which had affected the sabbacc table – thus explaining her incredible luck. Unfortunately, their relative inexperience with confidence games had made the change too obvious. With Ranik wounded (from his earlier encounter with enforcer droids) they invite the twi’lek back to the ship. She readily agrees and once there, performs medical services for Ranik.



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