Travels of the Rim Runner

S1E6 Downtime at Pyxis

A plan comes together... well things go well at least.

The crew makes for Pyxis, the oxygen scrubbers working overtime to keep up to the 53 passengers.
The crew chats with Keziah, former Duchess of Axia, reportedly killed in a yacht accident three months ago. She believes it was arranged by her brother Vaelus, who is very pro-Empire. She feared returning to her own planet, but said she had connections on Pyxis who might be able to help her.
Arriving at the well-guarded Pyxis Prime, Keziah makes contact with Syndic Voloros, a member of the ruling Council. After a brief conversation, he invites her to set down at his private estate on a small island. The crew is somewhat suspicious but these fears are allayed with the arrival of the Syndic, who appears genuinely happy to see the Duchess.
The “passengers” are offloaded. Bishop repairs the ship systems over the next four days.
The crew enjoys the facilities of Voloros’ estate and manages to offload their Fevvelian artifacts to xxx, Archaelogist Extrodinaire. They get a particularly good price as the scholar turns out to be a scam-artist who has replaced the real scholar when he died enroute – and a promise to broker more if the crew could find them.
When it comes time to discuss payment, Voloros offers a generous reward – until he hears Dorn’s name. When he does so, he lets Dorn know that his cousin Anvil Bendix is currently imprisoned on charges of smuggling and his ship, the Bad Penny impounded. Apparently he was caught when running goods to Voloros himself and now had pending fines and legal fees amounting to a handsome 2500 credits. Dorn agreed to waive the crew’s reward in exchange for help freeing his cousin.
After a heartfelt thanks (and a promise of future reward) from the Duchess Keziah, the crew made its way to the shadowport on the moon of Towers (in the outer fringes of the Pyxis system). There they made contact with both Anvil (who had sent a message to Dorn advising him so) and Mira (Bishop’s smuggler contact). The reunion with the crew of the Bad Penny was a warm one, but the search for Mira was fruitless – and turned up evidence that a new smuggling “captain” had arisen in the Towers shadowport Bodan xxx. The crew discovered that any “business” passing through the shadowport will need to cut in the greedy Aqualush.
Arranging for the Bad Penny to ride shotgun, the Rim Runner jumps to Belvahl, and prepares to make the run for the surface….



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