Travels of the Rim Runner

Ill-met at Beurn

The galaxy is full of criminals and fanatics!

Imperial Beurn

Arriving at Imperial Beurn, Dorn and Rannik manage to trace a weapon shipment and set watch upon it. They are rewarded shortly when the local security drones and droids begin acting oddly. A programmed cargo drone appears and begins to manipulate their cargo.
Taking a homemade tracking beacon, Rannik enters the compound and places it in the cargo hauler. As the security begins to reset, Dorn steals an airspeeder and the two pursue their quarry. Eventually, after some fancy programmed evasive maneuvers, it arrives at an ancient set of bunkers.
Dorn and Rannik dismount to investigate – the bunkers are held by a group of thugs calling belonging to a shady organization (The Alliance to restore the Republic) led by a noble by the name of Corr Tallon. Corr pontificates about the error of their ways, the guns belonging to criminals and miscreants and the holy cause of the Alliance – Dorn and Rannik are unimpressed. Alas they are still outgunned.
As things are coming to a head, Imperial scouts discover the stolen airspeeder (and thus the hidden cargo station). Corr condemns them as Imperial spies while he and his men escape. Dorn summons Pasha and the RimRunner and pillage the cargo station (counting on the fact that the Imperials would be some time in arriving). Using evasive tactics, they make space and jump for Grotto.
There they meet Losa and report the mission complete. She rewards them with three crates of weapons and future considerations. They contact Shen of the Cortuz smuggler gang and he sends them a thank you: a crate of Correllian Brandy.



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